Practice advanced SQL queries with MySQL 5.7+ (2016)

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Practice advanced SQL queries with MySQL 5.7+ (2016)

Practice advanced SQL queries with MySQL 5.7+ (2016)

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Build on your current knowledge and get to a next level in SQL. Learn by writing - lots of examples are waiting for you.

I designed this course especially for those who already know the basics and wonder how to get to the next level. Maybe you’re a BI analyst, IT specialist, QA analyst, automation tester, DB admin, aspiring data scientist or just passionate to learn SQL. You’ll learn how to use analytic functions, how to take advantage of table partitioning, how to write user-defined functions, procedures with cursors and even how to write beautiful code. All of that with the focus on the most popular open-source database: MySQL.

In this course we’ll write the code & MySQL queries together. I prepared 2 test databases, 70+ lectures, 4+ hours of video and lots of examples and practices so that you can learn advanced SQL techniques by writing the code. You’ll not learn just by watching me and eating pop-corn. You need to write the queries and I’ll help you! I believe that’s the only way for you to really adopt this new knowledge.

At the end of this course you will not just know these advanced techniques, but also know how to use them in practice.

To help you out, I also created a Slack group where you can join and chat with me or my colleagues if you get stuck.

Anyways, you have nothing to lose. Try this course and if you can honestly say that you learnt nothing, just email Udemy and they will give you a 100% refund within 30 days.

Practice advanced SQL queries with MySQL 5.7+ (2016)

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  1. MySQL 5.7+实用的高级SQL查询(2016版) 在你现有的知识基础之上,将SQL提升到新的层面。在编写代码中学习,本教程有着大量的例子等待着你。 本教程适用于那些已有一定基础知识,并希望能再上一层楼的人。也许你是一名BI分析师、IT专家、QA分析师、自动测试人员、数据库管理员、有追求的数据科学家或只是对学习SQL有着激情。你将会学习如何使用分析函数、如何利用表分区、如何编写用户定义的函数、带有指针的过程甚至如何编写漂亮的代码。所有这些都使用最流行的开源数据库:MySQL。 在本教程中,我们将编写代码和MySQL查询放到了一起。教程由两个演示用数据库、70多个视频,总共4个多小时,并且还有大量的例子和练习文件,这样你可以编写和提高你的SQL技术。
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