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Lynda – Design Thinking: Understanding the Process

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Lynda - Design Thinking: Understanding the Process

Lynda - Design Thinking: Understanding the Process

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Curious about design thinking? It's the design methodology on everyone's mind. While it's not magic, design thinking can help you save time and find more creative solutions to your customers' needs. Having a good understanding of the process will help you explain the benefits to management and clients and implement design thinking at your organization. In this course, Chris Nodder explains where design thinking fits into product development and what it can help you achieve. He describes each step in the process, from identifying the problem you want to solve and brainstorming solutions, to prototyping, development, and release. Learn about the pros and cons of this approach and how to overcome challenges such as organization inertia and silos. Done right, design thinking can start your organization moving toward broader user-centered design techniques such as information architecture, content testing, usability testing, and marketing research.

Topics include:


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  1. Lynda - 设计性思维:理解流程 对设计性思维有怀疑吗?这种设计方法论存在于每个人的头脑中。它没有什么神奇的,设计性思维可以帮助你节省时间并为你的客户需求发现更多有创意的解决方案。对流程的深刻理解可以帮助你解释在你企业内部进行管理、客户以实时设计性思维的益处。在本教程中,Chris Nodder会讲解设计性思维适用于产品开发的哪些环节,以及它能为你带来什么。他会讲解流程中的每一步,从识别你希望解决的问题以及头脑风暴解决方案、制作原型、开发以及发布。理解这种方法的优缺点,以及如何克服诸如组织惯性和惰性的挑战。做得正确的话,设计性思维可以让你的企业转而采用更广阔的用户为中心的思考技术,如信息架构、内容测试、可用性测试以及营销研究。 主要内容:敏捷、敬意和设计性思考;准备在企业内部宣传设计性思维;找到真正的问题;创意;原型;纠正过程;离岸或外包;克服企业惯性和惰性;走向成功。
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