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Learning Path: HTML5 Fundamentals

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Learning Path: HTML5 Fundamentals

Learning Path: HTML5 Fundamentals

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HTML5 lets you program for features, not browser versions, giving you much more control and flexibility over your sites and apps while freeing you from worrying about the quirks of any specific platform. Learn how to create impressive, interactive websites and web apps that include video and audio, dynamic drawings, geolocation, offline availability, drag-and-drop, and many other features.

Learning Path: HTML5 Fundamentals

Learning Path: HTML5 Fundamentals

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  1. 学习路径:HTML5基础 HTML5可以让你为功能而编程而不用考虑浏览器版本问题,给你网站好app更多的控制和灵活度,从而将你从担心特定平台的麻烦中解脱出来。学习如何创建令人印象深刻、互动的网站以及包含了音频和视频、动态绘图、地理定位、离线存储、拖拽等功能。
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